Table Desk Office Design Ideas

Choosing a type of table office.

The workplace is the second home. In the office desk, spent many hours performing professional activities, and most of the time sitting. To prevent excess wear and to the service flow, it is necessary that the environment is comfortable and allows concentration, productivity and efficiency.

Planning comes first. What to buy? Tables with appropriate measures as well as accessories to support the feet and hands, aggregates the decor of any office furniture that prezem the lightness and well-being, will certainly influence positively the employee, encouraging them to quality work.

The organization of space is also key. According to the tasks, set up the tables for computers, meeting and working individually or in groups. Therefore, one should know how many people work in the office, what kind of work and it will be placed on each table: computer, notebook, printer, scanner, fax, blocks for notes, calendar, catalog, phone. Having knowledge of these details, it is easier to distribute the furniture in the space, allowing good circulation, and set sizes and number of doors, drawers and shelves for each.

Round shapes are suitable for meetings and small environments, while in L shapes facilitate the execution of various tasks, such as using the computer and have a workbench free for notes and readings of documents. L tables are also effective teamwork, seen that facilitate dynamic office. The average measurements for computer desks are 74 cm high, 50 cm deep and 80 cm wide (minimum).

The drawers and doors of the tables are important for the storage of materials and must be within reach and with handles to facilitate open them and close them. Sliding doors must be free of any hindrance or fuss. Noise can interfere with job performance.

Furthermore, it is essential to health. Proper posture while sitting can never be forgotten. The back should be well supported in the chair should have adjustable height and armrests. The elbow should remain close to the body and flush with the wrist and hand. The monitor on the table should be slightly below the line of sight. The more comfortable, the better the routine work and lower stress.

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