Super Neat G Seven Wooden Apartment By Fixonic In Hong Kong

Thinking of renovating your apartment? You may have to be compelled to take a dive on this neat renovation crafted by Fixonic. The project named G Seven when the residence codename, located in Braemar Hill. Yep, that’s city. And to be precise, it’s at City Island’s North purpose, the southern a part of it.

Almost all area unit as are coated nicely with fashionable timber straight grain panels, olive ash, the walls, floors that composing this unlettered flow between every areas together with its interiors. This timber-coating by choice lined conjointly the house workplace and study space with its tidy table that’s integral facet by facet with the cupboard space.

To differentiate the atmosphere, a number of the areas area unit divided with some white walls and oversimplified nonetheless up to date white furnishings. It’s within the living space, some a part of the work workplace walls, and partial wall of the room.

It’s the mood that Fixonic deeply explored and bright mixed here. The unlettered flow of the wood grains, the partial plain white and oversimplified interiors, and last however holds one amongst the last word issue of all, the smartly indirect and hid lighting. The nice and cozy and ambiance, it’s inevitable.

Checkout conjointly the lavatory marble floors and wall tiles, and therefore the up to date room designing with its wall application. And after all, the chamber. It’s plain and straightforward, it’s wood grains and business you to merely lie down and cuddle. Props to Fixonic for this impressive inspiration, photos credit ad copyright area unit theirs.

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