How to Obtain the Cisco Unified Presence Specialist Certification

The Cisco Unified Presence Specialist certification is a certification reserved for those whose jobs give them the responsibility of installing, designing, and configuring Cisco Unified Presence Release. These highly skilled technicians will understand a variety of integration possibilities, including those that use other Cisco Unified Communications materials. Examples of third-party products that a Cisco Unified Presence Specialist must be able to understand include Microsoft Live Communications Server, IBM Lotus Sametime, and Microsoft Office Communications Server.

Additionally, the technician must be able to deploy the Cisco Unified Presence Release 6.0. All relevant maintenance related to the product is something that any potential specialist must be able to perform.

The required exam for the Cisco Unified Presence Specialist certification is the 642-181 PRSDI exam. Though there are no required prerequisites for the test, there are two things that a potential candidate can do in order to greatly increase their chance of succeeding at the certification exam.

First, students can use Cisco’s authorized training course. For the Cisco Unified Presence Specialist certification exam, Cisco recommends the use of the training course, “Cisco Unified Presence Design and Implementation (PRSDI) v2.0.” Though this course is not a required prerequisite, Cisco believes that it will greatly enhance a candidate’s ability to master the material tested during the exam. Secondly, candidates can utilize the exam preparation offered through TestsLive in order to increase their chances of successfully passing the specialist certification exam.

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