Make a Beautiful Home Garden with Cycas

Famous gardens in tropical and contemporary, the conic is very similar to a small palm tree. With long leaves, accurate and vivid, composed of pointed leaflets. Fully ornamental in landscaping, goes very well as isolated plant and also set in gardens and pots.

Belonging to the family Cycadaceae with botanical name Cycas revoluta. The shrub has very old record. With more than 50 varieties, the species may have height of 2 meters or more, but their growth is very slow. Its trunk is like to a palm tree, while the leaves are crowns. They can reach 1.20 to 1.50 tall by 15 to 20 cm wide.

In the male version of cica has the inflorescence is in the center in yellow. Already the female has a large inflorescence yellow and orange, and shades of brown fuzz.

The species to be planted needs fertile soil with organic matter and moisture. Accepts sun exposure, but can live in partial shadows.

Can be potted waterproofed with tar (which should dry for at least 2 days prior to each crop). At the bottom of the vessel can be spread wet stones and sand to facilitate drainage. Above, can be added a geotextile. Depositing a mixture of barnyard manure for cultivation tanned external areas, beyond organic compost and sand, making an equal division. Plante, supplementing with this mixture. If the vessel is to remain inside the house, do not use animal manure in this case prefer the granules. Add about 100 g in each of the vessels. Mix the soil and water.

To plant, open a hole 2 times larger than the root ball. Add sand on composing gently with the earth. Add approximately two gallons of manure and compost, mixed with sand. Plant and water.

Drizzle once a week and also on the days it does not rain. The seedlings need about three major stakes for staking, stuck lightly to post to the site, but not burying the roots.

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