Artistic Contemporary Wooden House in Israel

Designed by Alroy Hazak, this contemporary wooden house is a masterpiece from this accepted Israel-based designer. F house reflects the combination of natural and trendy vogue with lots of empty area and clean style. As you’ll see from the image, this house shares wide area in specific rooms and with efficiency uses the area because the storage areas. If you look closely in front room space, the bookshelves square measure vertically placed up to the second stairs. The expanse of between those 2 stairs creates a wider feeling once you enter the house.

From the image you’ll additionally see the victimization of wood material; it’s not solely equalization between the natural side and therefore the trendy design, however additionally scales back the victimization of metal within the house. With sharp angle and easy look, this F home is consequent house model which is able to enhance the house coming up with world.

This home is built because the way for an enormous family. Scrutinize the pool that is encircled by the contemporary wooden house floor; it’s a pleasant place to pay the times together with your family or with your friends.

90 Degrees Angle Of F House Environment Around F House F House Front Appearance F House With Glasses Window And Wooden Fences F House With Rectangular Basic Structure Front Look of F House With Plantation Integrating Kitchen With Library With Black And Brown Accent Living Room With Glasses Window And Wooden Material Personal Library With Unique White Lamp Relaxing Space Inside F House With Black Sofa Second Stair Library Room With Carpet Small Garden Inside F House Small Hall Inside F House with Hidden Cabinet Solid White Wall With Wooden Window Stairs With Black Accent And Wooden Material Swimming Pool With Glasses Window Swimming Pool With Wooden Material Decoration White Wall Beside F House Wide Space Around Swimming Pool In F House Wooden Kitchen With Contemporary Design Wooden Terrace In F House With White Wall

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