Amazing Home A Blend Of Classic And Modern Styles

Presenting classic look with modern style, this house is made of the stone structure that integrated with glass enclosure. This house was made by Peter Legge Associates who is show the combination between old and new style. With the new and old style, these captivating house called Connemara Residence.

The two contrary elements in this house bring amazing shape like glass and stone which distinct in texture also their representative of this home in various ages. The protruding impression of this home is the location of this house, with the hill surrounded, this house looks so rustic.

With two distinct styles that apply on one house, this home shows a rustic and quiet touch.Also a monster glass in the stone wall reflects the proprietor, this house offers of natural ventilation and a beautiful hearth for all of us.So if your want to construct house, you could view from captivating house images that could inspire your.

Dining Room And Kitchen With Glass Wall Home In The Middle Of Prairie With Stone Modern Mirror Square With Washbasin White Modern Contemporary With Hut Stone And Design Cottage Open Door With Model Dining Room Stone Cottage Modern Classic Stone Walls And Boots under the stairs Stone Walls And Fireplace With Wood Door Wood Cabinet With White Kitchen Island Wood Kitchen With White Accents