3 Simple Tips for Decorating your Home and Have a new Look

There are three tips that can be followed easily and give a new look to your home, then see below the three tips, which if followed correctly can be done very easily and quickly, in just one afternoon, even if they have the help of friends or the couple working together.

Make pictures with pictures or textures to match your decor, is simple, simply having a frame and a background to apply the paint or texture chosen, are often used cardboard as a background of different colors to create contrast, the frames can be Simple, those found in stores 1.99 for mirrors or picture frames, since art can be made with the application of color as gouache, enamels, spray, makeup or whatever you have on hand to create something creative and innovative application materials, such as flaps, ropes, wires, tapes, can be made with quick-drying glue, or if you prefer to use one piece of fabric that has a beautiful pattern and does not deserve to be saved, enjoy and put it on the wall, this tip is worth also for wallpaper, wrapping paper, wrapping varied and even maps.

Replace the head of your bed, change the materials used and create new and warm headwaters to receive the winter, are some ideas for wrapping with fabric headboard different existing for that you simply will need footage of the correct tissue and a stapler for wood, if you have not, try to use quick-drying glue, but in gel, so that the fabric is firmly applied, careful not to crease, if you can add a layer of felt or foam underneath to create padded corners .

Reclaim a furniture, paint with new colors and vibrant, switch knobs, switch feet, just paint your feet, apply wrapping paper on the top, in the drawers, next, apply different materials such as mirrors, make a collage, renew, reuse, recycle, the options are diverse and these projects only require suitable materials, such as paints, glues, varnish and sandpaper, which can be easily found in any hardware store and are projects that do not take more than an afternoon to get ready.

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